Sjef Boekestijn

COO at Boekestijn Transport Service



Sjef Boekestijn is the COO at their family business: Boekestijn Transport Service, one of the fastest growing European trucking companies.

While completing his Economic studies in 2012 he moved to Poland, to recharge the company’s local presence. From 2012 to 2020 the company had grown around 100%, but more important, the (organization & IT) structure was prepared for extensive growth in the next years. From 2020 on, the growth has been above 50% and the forecast is similar for the next years. Currently employing close to 2.000 employees, driving around in the 750+ trucks or working in any of the 15 offices around Europe.

The last years, his focus has been on scalability while increasing the foundation of the company. This resulted on several occasions to publicly debating the scalability of transport companies in industry organizations such as the (TLP) Transport i Logistyka Polska and the (IRU) International Road Transport Union.

Since 2018, Sjef Boekestijn, has connected himself to a local university as a guest lecturer. Specializing on topics mainly connected to scalability and the consequences of fast growth. In 2021 he joined an expert group in the Netherlands on the future of IT.

In 2021 he was recognized by the Polish minister of Infrastructe with the medal of honor “Zasluzony dla Transportu Rzezczypospolitej Polskiej” for his contribution to the Polish transport Industry.