Sustainable Corporate Governance: Mandatory vs. Voluntary

  • Dr Steen Thomsen, Professor in Corporate Governance at Copenhagen Business School
  • Alessandra Stabilini, Board Member of ecoDa and Vice-Chair of Nedcommunity
  • Philippe Haspeslagh, Chairman of Ardo, Professor and Honorary Dean of the Vlerick Business School
  • Moderated by Olivier Hamoir, advisor to family-owned companies

With the publication of the EU’s new Sustainable Corporate Governance initiative, the importance of sustainability and long-term thinking has been brought into sharp focus. Policymakers in Brussels argue that short-termism is endemic within companies and that regulatory measures are urgently needed to combat this occurrence. Many argue that legislation is needed to force companies to focus on long-term sustainable value creation rather than short-term benefits.

In this session, we will hear from three leading experts in the field, who will reveal how Corporate Governance is formulated in a company and whether it is the silver bullet to encourage long-termism.