Olivier Hamoir

@ Advisor to Family-Owned Companies

Olivier is an advisor to families and their Family-Owned businesses in Europe. He supports them on questions of governance, stewardship, exercise and preservation of family control and long-term views on the development of their companies. He carries out this role in different capacity, among other as Chairman of a family council, Independent Board member in controlled companies or on a project basis. Prior to this role, Olivier was a Senior Partner at McKinsey&Company where he worked for 28 years, serving predominantly Family-Owned businesses, Financial Institutions and large institutions during Mergers and Acquisitions. He led there the European Post Merger Management Practice and was part of the Senior Partners Evaluation Committee. He is also a lecturer in strategy at the Solvay Business School in Brussels and Board member at Guberna, the Belgian association promoting good governance practices. He obtained a Master of Business Engineering at the Solvay Business School in 1984. He is the father of a daughter and a keen ski-touring practitioner.