Peter Jenner

@ Managing Director - William Battle Limited

Peter is an Alumnus of the US Government’s prestigious International Leadership Program awarded for his work in developing Sustainable solutions for business.

He is a Chartered Engineer with a Masters in Control Systems Engineering and early AI.

He has devoted his professional life to applied research for the development of practical business transformation change programmes that deliver tangible bottom line impacts.

He has written four UK Government Guides for Business including Cutting Costs and Boosting Productivity and Profits through reducing Waste, Engaging the Workforce for Product and Service Innovation and Environmental Supply Chain Partnering for profit.

He has developed the TRANSFER® programme for “one stop shop” succession within business and has twenty-five years of making mistakes and transforming business and delivering succession simultaneously.

He has led and co-delivered major research and development programmes with most of the Universities based in Wales. He has worked with partners worldwide to share learning and experience.

He is still learning.