Steen Thomsen

@ Professor in Corporate Governance - Copenhagen Business School

Steen Thomsen is Novo Nordisk Foundation Professor of Enterprise Foundations at the Center for Corporate Governance, Copenhagen Business School, which he founded in 2005.

He specializes in corporate governance as a teacher, researcher, consultant, and commentator. His academic publications include 40+ international journal articles and several books. His research is currently focused on enterprise foundations – foundations that own business firms.

Steen has served as a non-executive director in several business companies and nonprofits. He is a founding board member of Boardmeter, which produces software-based board evaluations and chairman of the Pluto foundation which aims to promote global biodiversity.

He is a founding member of the International Corporate Governance Society, the Board Leadership Society of Denmark and academic director of the CBS board programs.

He writes columns for the leading Danish business newspaper, Børsen, and has served as a consultant and lecturer to several large companies and government organizations.

He has also contributed to best practice codes, public policy and legislation in the area of corporate governance and enterprise foundations. He is married to Annette Blegvad, lives in Charlottenlund, North of Copenhagen, and is the father of two grown-up boys.